Monday, December 3, 2012

Making the Most of It

We have been making the most of walking Zack "off the beaten track" around the top of the coulees this last little while as all too soon the snow drifts will be too deep for little border terrier legs to trudge through and it will be back to walking round the roads where people shovel the snow away.

The views are actually spectacular of the river valley when everything is frosty and even Zack stopped to have a good look

The river itself has started to freeze up and you can see the flows of ice moving down the river - soon it will look like solid white ice although underneath in places the water still moves and is quite dangerous - especially for little dogs to be walking on so river walks are off limits in the winter for us.

There are lookout benches along our route and we took advantage of getting a few pictures of Zack - although he wasn't facing the view BOL!!!

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marley said...

You livin in a spectacular place my pal....i love to see your walkin remind me of better days....woof.