Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chilly Chilly

Yesterday morning was very chilly, foggy, frosty with a bit of snow and temps of - 13 with windchill of -23 but it didn't stop Zack and I from venturing out for 1/2 hour.    Instead of walking to our favourite field I did drive down there cuz it was so cold.   Once out of the car I made Zack wait and as you can see he wasn't too happy about the hold up and was raring to go LOL

then he was off

I wasn't sure how long we would be out because even though I put Zack's monkey sweater on I forgot to put his boots on but he honestly didn't seem to have a problem running through the snow

Even though it is so cold this time of year for walking it is brilliant all at the same time, no snakes, no bees, no mad flailing of arms and funny dances trying to get away from them,  and hardly any other people and it seems like we have the whole place to ourselves --- I love it

Even though Zack's a terrier he is pretty good at checking back with me to make sure I am coming - he is so cute -- although I am sure if a rabbit popped out he would leave me in the dust behind him forgetting all about me, but on the whole he is a good boy.

The golf course across the river valley looked so good after it had a skiff a snow.   The short grass would be so perfect for walking the dog... for me anyways...  if only

but I think Zack likes the long grass better anyways as he can snuffle and rummage for whatever he can find ---- typically poopsicles -- little bugger

After about 1/2 hour my legs were numb and it was time to get this little monkey butt back to the car.


atcoma said...

Love the monkey sweater! Seems like Zack had a lot of fun!

BODIE said...

That jumper is way too cute, so is Zacky.