Sunday, March 3, 2013

Park Lake Fun

I have quite a few videos I have not posted lately but I will try and catch up.   When Zack feels good we try and take him out lots to have some fun.   This day we took him to park lake to play fetch.   It was more of a stand off between Pete,  Zack and the ball as they played on the beach.  

I apologize for my annoying laugh and commentary but Zack was making funny noises too and I couldn't help myself.   We then continued round the park through the woods to the other side of the frozen lake where Zack showed off his agiliteez - it was a fun afternoon out.


BODIE said...

Hey thats pretty good balancing on those logs. I don't like our chances at that.

marley said...

Ello my pal...i did ave trubble keeping up wiv blogs this last two good to see you in the fur there hazzin a good time...woof