Friday, March 29, 2013

I hope I Did it

I have had my video camera since Christmas and have previously uploaded videos before but for the life of me I couldn't do it and couldn't figure out why - I am so technically challenged.   I hope I have figured this out and this one works.  This video is from about a month ago when Deuce, Zack's whippet mix buddy was staying with us for a week.

He is such a good dog to look after.  I noticed this time tho that after a few rounds of play in the garden poor Deucy starts to limp a bit.   We forget he is going on 11 and now restrict the play sessions a bit so he doesn't get sore.   He still loves his walks though.  

It seriously makes us consider another dog as Zack is so happy when Deuce is around :)   May some day in the not so distance future........

1 comment:

marley said...

Is good to see you and Doose in the fur my pal....and I ope you get some rain soon to green up your grass....summer be on its way they say....