Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Vet Visit

It seems like we lives at the vets and I wished I had shares in the business, but we do what we have to do for our beloved pets.   On Saturday morning I noticed Zacky was licking his paw and there was a bit of blood there.   I took a closer look (this was 3 a.m. in the morning)  and there was a tiny pea size lump on top of his outside toe.   It looked like a small wart, but I couldn't be sure.  

Today I took Zack to the vet to have it checked out as I couldn't stop thinking about all the bad things it could me.  That's how I am, paranoid about my dog.   The vet thought it was a wart thank goodness and  we have a choice to make now as to whether we get it removed or not.    She said if he doesn't bother it too much we could wait and let it be but if it grows then it should be removed or we could just remove it now.  

With all what Zack has been through this past 6 weeks I think I will give it a bit of time before putting him through any surgery unless there is some significant change or he keeps chewing on it or something and then I will get it removed right away.

Dam warty wart warts!!!!


BODIE said...

And we have to discover our dogs problems usually at 3am too. Still sleep is highly overrated and we're always here for our furry buddies.

marley said...

He he, well done my pal. I always refuse to get ill during openin hours at da vet....i demanded drama and late night car chases....and emergency room treatments