Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching Up

As I am laid up with a bad ankle I figured now is a good time to catch up with my blogging.   Deucy Doo came for a 10 day visit and it has been a blast having him in our house again.   Zack, Molly and Deuce get along really well.   Fat Cat is Fat Cat and she sits there like a brick not moving no matter who is in the house.   It's quite funny.  Deuce is a little frightened of her LOL.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of his stay.  The weather was great and the snow had started to melt in the garden so it was quite patchy.  By the end of his stay the snow was almost gone.  That's the only benefit if our chinook winds that are 120km hr.  

There was lots of exploring the garden where the snow had melted.

Molly would tease Deuce,  she would charge him and then run.   It was hilarious.   She's brave and naughty for a little white fluffy thing!!!

But they had lots of fun playing about

There was lots of snow flying

and chasing going on

Zack uncovered many of his balls from the melting snow and he really didn't want anyone else to have them.

I have other pictures of him trying to corral his balls (I will post them another day)

It's hard to believe that Deuce is turning 13.   He doesn't look or act his age other than if he runs a lot he does get stiff in his front leg when he first gets up, so we are pretty careful about how much play and running about he does.   

There was also a lot of down time in our house too and the dogs just loved the front door mat and lounging together in the sun.  This was my favourite time with them as they were so sweet together.

Deucy Doo went home yesterday and he was so happy to see his mum.    Until next time Deucy Doo.

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marley said...

We do luv it wen Doose com to stay Zacky my pal…he sure is a good pal to ave abowt an is good he an Mollee be good chums...