Sunday, January 5, 2014

It came and went

2013 seemed to come and go so fast.  I can't even remember all what happened so that is why it is so great to have my blog.

 I do remember 2013 not starting off well when it came to Zack's health.  He struggled with his abdominal pain for two months or so on and off  and all his meds we're not working as well so we made the decision with our vet to finally put him on steroids.   We started off with a high dose to get his condition under control and over time have reduced the prednisone down to 1/2 pill every third day which is good.  He has now been on them almost a year but it has helped keep things under control.    No major pain attacks at all.  Only a minor hiccup over the year which we were able manage and he was back to normal way quicker.    Even though I know steroids are not always a good thing, I think I made the right decision with Zack as he has lived like a normal dog through most of 2013 and when he is feeling good I am feeling good.

The other big thing in 2013 is that we adopted our little rescue dog Miss Molly on June 7.   She has been a great addition to our family and I am glad to we took her in, helped her out , etc. so that she can enjoy life.    I took her to her first dog training class as she knew nothing when I got her and she was great.

2014 is here already and I have high hopes to try and see if I can get Zack trained and  ready for his next rally trial later this year.   We will see how he does and go from there.  For fun I have signed Molly up for her first rally training class starting tomorrow.    I hear there are rally trials for mixed breeds so I have got the urge to work with my dogs more this year.

Fat cat is Fat cat.  While she was at the vets this past week for an allergic reaction, she had gained even more weight.  So we are changing her food off the thyroid diet and putting her back on weight control, then just giving her thyroid meds orally.  I don't even want to think about Fat cat getting sick.  She is approx 12 so I know things can start to happen.   I love that cat so much.

Here's to blogging about Zack, Molly and a Fat cat in 2014, so I can remember what we did this time next year.

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marley said...

Lookin fur-ward to anuvver year of blogs my pals...