Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not our Usual Walk

Over Christmas Holidays I took the dogs for some off leash time somewhere a little different.  It is just a bit further down the top of the coulees from where we live but it makes for some great views in the cold weather and lots for me to look at.

The high level bridge can even be seen from where I was standing, albeit a little hazy.

Zacky did lots or running about away from Molly, it was pretty chilly and she really didn't appreciate the deeper snow on her belly but Zack doesn't mind.   His coat is really thick right now and he's a tough little bugger.

The river was pretty much frozen but we stayed ways a way and viewed it only from above

Zack posed for more photos (of course :) and this was one of my favourites.   His paw was up as usual.

Molly still hasn't got use to having so many photos taken and it is hard for her to stay still without feeling intimidated so I have to take it slow with her.   I am so used to plopping Zack down somewhere or telling him to stay and snapping away but I can't do that with Molly.   I must have patience.  

We walked further along the top of the Coulee trails and saw Paradise Canyon golf course.  It looks so different in the winter.   Eerie almost.

Molly did enjoy some off leash time with Zacky

I swear she must have been a rabbit in a previous life,  the back feet are the spitting image, those ears and cotton tail, and she runs like the wind LOL

We are lucky to have these places to take the dogs, although it is not officially an off leash area, this time of year there is nobody about (only us die hard dog walkers) and there are no snakes!!!

I just have to keep my eyes peeled for deer and the odd coyote, but so far so good.


BODIE said...

Awesome walk. I have only just started to use the flip lens on my camera which might be good to use on Molly. Means you don't have the camera near your face.

marley said...

Look like you is livin on da moon Zack my pal….ope yoo is all keepin warm