Saturday, March 8, 2014

Road Trip

As I was suffering with my foot a few weeks ago Pete took me and the dogs for one of our famous road trips to get us all out of the house.   It was -18 degrees so very cold out but the weather was fine and so were the roads.    Zack and Molly got strapped into the car and we were off.

Of course you can't go on a road trip without stopping for a coffee at Timmies,  Molly was all excited thinking she was gonna get something, Zack couldn't care less LOL

We were off to the mountains for the day.   The road was clear which was great and the scenery was spectacular.

The famous Burmis tree looks awesome in the winter.  

Once in the Crowsnest Pass we went to the Fly Fishing shop that Pete loves.    The store has an Irish Terrier that lives inside(lovely dog) but he was not happy to see Zack and Molly and was causing all sorts of ruckus  so we didn't go inside or stay outside long.  

Once we had finished at the store, we drove to one of our favourite spots that we fish along the river.   It looks so different in the winter but as people live along there the road was fine to drive down.

Saw deer along the way.   Gorgeous.

Once at our spot we let the dogs out of the car to run round a bit and pee.  Zack was happy to stretch his legs but we kept Molly on her leash just in case as it was unfamiliar territory and very cold out.

She still enjoyed rummaging just as much as Zacky

Before long their paws were starting to freeze and my hands were cold so it was time to get back into the car.    I wasn't able to walk much so it didn't really matter.

It was cookie time before loading up and the dogs knew it :)

This was just a few hours into our trip.   I will post more about our wonderful day out on another post.  I have a lot of catching up to do with my blogging.   Til next time.

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marley said...

Yoo is furry brave in da cold my pals….pawsonallee I dussnt leev da owse if it be less than sunny