Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We're Still Here

It has been ages since I have blogged.   Haven't really felt like it lately, don't know why.   I haven't been able to take the dogs out for their usual walks as I have had a lot of pain from a mortons neuroma in my foot, another nerve problem, and also tore the ligaments in my opposite ankle, so have been out of commission for a few weeks.   Tomorrow hopefully I have another appointment with the doctor and can ditch the crutches.    It has put a damper on how often the dogs got to go out and have fun but my husband has taken them for me and also we took a road trip to get me out of the house and the dogs too.

Here are just a few photos of the last month or so.   Pete drove me and the dogs to the top of the coulees so they could have a good run.  It was really cold so we were not out too long:

 There was lots of running about

and playing ball

Zack loves his chuck it

Molly aka snow bunny - she runs so fast it scares me

Simon says touch your nose..  I don't know why I just love this photo

Zack and Molly were able to get some pent up energy out and enjoyed every minute of it.   Before long their paws were starting to freeze up and it was time to go home.   When it's -15 degrees you can't stay out for long.  

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marley said...

Ello my pals…glad to see yoo hazzin funs….sorry to reed abowt da injurees tho….ope dat eel up soon