Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Holidays - Part II

We learned Molly is a dream to travel with, accepting and settling in all the new places.   Zack, was well, Zack LOL

Whitefish has an awesome fenced in off leash dog park that now has a separate area for little dogs, doggy water fountains, a pond, a small natural agility course and a pavilion for the people.  

There were not too many dogs out the day we were there but there was a few.    Zack found a few dogs to run round with - he got chased pretty hard - even by the cute little shih tzuey thing !!!!

Molly was just happy to stay with her people, she doesn't play like Zack and even Zack is more picky who he plays with nowadays, but at least they got some off leash time which was great.   They ran a lot.

Of course, found smells to roll in

and found someone else's tennis ball and scarpered off with it, little bugger LOL

Who me ?

Great time at the dog park, now off to another adventure…..  Part III to follow

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marley said...

Waaaaah! Pals deliver rite to yore oliday! Brilliunt…..