Saturday, July 12, 2014

Holidays - Part III

We took our boat down to Montana with us as we planned on doing a bit of fishing.   We ended up on Whitefish Lake for the afternoon and fished til dark.    It was quite hot, so I was glad to have an umbrella on the boat and cooling blankets for the dogs.

The scenery was spectacular and I could have just sat and looked at the view all day - hey, I did LOL

Once we anchored the boat I took the dog's life vests off as they were so hot and just kept a tether on them.  They were so much more comfortable.

Molly is such a cutie…..she doesn't mind the boat at all

Zack keeps an eye out for, well, everything….

especially those fish, but when we catch one, he wants nothing to do with it.   Pete caught a little cutthroat trout, I hadn't seen one of them before so that was cool

Zack loves to sniff the air and all the mountain and fishy smells - he was in heaven

Eyes peeled again, the closer to the shore the more intense the search gets

Zack spied a little duck so I kept a tight hold - Just in case LOL

It's not a great photo but this was the little duck that kept everyone's attention for a bit

We were on the lake til dusk and Capt. Zack guided Pete back to the dock like a pro :) 

I looked at the wonder scenery as we got back

It was a great day - I could live down there that's for sure


marley said...

Life on da Oshun wave eh my pals? I ope there was Ships Biskits avaylabull….

BODIE said...

Yeah I used to do yacht racing. Happy to spend hours out on the wobbly blue thing.