Monday, July 7, 2014

Holidays - Part I

Here we go again, I cannot fit everything into one post so I will be doing several posts to show what a wonderful weeks vacation we had in and around Whitefish, Montana.  It was a first for us, just Pete, me and the dogs.

We rented a cabin in the woods near Whitefish, Montana.   It was lovely, away from it all with a wonderful view of the mountains.  TV didn't work and WiFi was iffy but it didn't matter, it was nice to disconnect from the world for a bit.   Here is a photo of the outside of the cabin and the view we had every morning.   Can't complain that's for sure.

I was a little nervous of bears so every time the dogs barked I jumped and looked around.  All in my head as we didn't see one all week :)

On the first day we did a lot of exploring in the Town of Whitefish.  It was very quaint and "outdoorsy" loved it.  We found wonderful walking paths along the river and walked for miles.   

Zack had to stop and look for fish, Pete has taught him well :)

We then walked from the river into the Town and came across this quaint Fly Fishing Shop.  Of course Pete went in to look around while Zack stood guard outside.

 Actually he licked everybody to death that entered the store LOL 

So many more photos and stories to tell of our trip, more walking, doggy park, fishing, Glacier National Park etc.    Part II to come soon…..


marley said...

Lookin dubble pawsome my pals….ope you haz fun

BODIE said...

looks like little house on the prairie!!