Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas day has come and gone. What a wonderful day. It was just me, Pete and my 84 year old father this year, plus Zack and the cats of course. We were up early just like little kids...okay may be that was me...

Zack was sure ready to open his gift just as much as we were - he seemed to know which one was his...

Oh boy a Tugga Wubba Kong

He wasn't going to give that up any time soon ahahahah

The cats got "catnip" which I put on the stairs - it sent them in a tizzy

Fat Cat of course ate the stuff. Cuddles rolled in it.

I think Fat Cat must have inhaled too much catnip (or ingested in her case) which sent her doolally and she was spaced out for a while LOL!!!

Then our friends Martin & Karen with their Labradoodle Dylan came over for Christmas dinner and spent the evening and then it was lights out and Zack (and the rest of us) just crashed. All in all it was a brilliant day, lots of fun, food and drink.

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marley said...

Appy crispmas Zack. I was playin wiv my labradoodle pal Folly yesterday. Sounds like we had a similar oliday. Woof