Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Away

It was a long drive for a fleeting visit to see my sister for the weekend but it was the only time we could see her before Christmas. On the way there we stopped at Timmies for a coffee in Fernie and Zack had a quick pee break too. The fresh mountain air was lovely.

Once we got to my sisters Zack patrolled her house checking out every nook and cranny, even checking under the tree to see if Santa had come ---- bit early Zack

But then oh boy my sister pulled out a stuffed bunny and he was well away shaking the devil out of it

Zack showed off some of his "moves" to my sister so she could see how smart he was ahahahaha

We had a good visit on Saturday night and Zack settled into his usual spot with Pete for the evening. Now Zack is getting older he actually is a pretty good little dog and travels very well. The more we go to "people's houses" the more he gets used to it.
Zack's favourite spot this whole weekend was keeping an eye out the picture window for any "country critters" that would happen to walk on by... he loved that he could see out - he was so cute.

The mountains were gorgeous with all the snow and very picture postcard but the roads coming home were a bit dicy. We got home safely tho and Zack was very happy to be home and charged round the house as if he owned the place ---- well he does doesn't he? LOL

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