Sunday, December 5, 2010


It is about 36 hours since Zack had his flare up. This afternoon thank god Zack seems alot better. He is up and about, ate a small amount of food and has kept it down. He even went outside and grabbed his kong so I know he is on the mend. What a relief. I was very worried yesterday as I have not seen him that bad since he was a puppy, he was so out of it and trembling - it's amazing what a good sleep and a few drugs can do.... May be I needed some of what he had!!!!

It is so weird how it starts and with weird symptoms, no diarrhea just vomiting and noisy guts and pain. I didn't hesitate to get Zack checked out at the vets as there is always the worry of a foreign body and I always think in the back of my mind of a torsion because of his pain (heaven forbid), but that is rare in little dogs (thank god). May be now he is older his body is able to recover from these "flare ups" of irritable bowel better than when he was a puppy. His problem is high up in his stomach not so much the poopy thing more of vomiting and pain.

I am just so relieved to have a little bit of spark back in Zack's eyes and hope he gets up to his mischievious little self as soon as possible.


onecollie said...

poor guy :(
so glad he is on the mend...

BODIE & GOO said...

Poor little guy. If he's got the Kong out hes' good to go. :-)

marley said...

Yay, glad you are feelin better my chum.