Sunday, March 20, 2011

Running Room

It had been a few months since Pete, Zack and I had gone to the Running Room to meet people/friends to run/walk with. Now the weather is nicer we decided to go. Zack hadn't forgotten and was such a keener pulling to get in the store.

Once in the store he was waiting for all the people to arrive.

Everyone remembered Zack and he knew it - relishing all the attention as they came in.

Oh the bum scratches

and belly rubs

Then we were off.

It was finally perfect weather.

Zack had a blast walking somewhere different for a change, all the new smells and people. It was a good evening.


marley said...

How pawsome to go to the shops like that Zack. We dont ave many shops we can go into here. Just pubs....which is not so bad.

WigglyZack said...

Pubs would be even better a long walk then a brewsky and pub food for the everyone - we can only dream here :)