Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Fever

We have now had a few days of above freezing temperatures and most of the snow has melted. There are still some patches here and there but finally we can see the grass again, albeit the trails for walking are very muddy and wet.

Zack is smarter than he looks and takes a detour round the mud puddle - which of course I walked through LOL

It is so great not having to bundle up for walks with boots, coats, sweaters - and that's just Zack. I love spring and now the clocks went forward last night I have spring fever. I will be counting every blade of green grass that starts to come in over the next few weeks until everything is lovely and green again.

Zack will then not blend in so much to the surroundings when on his walk as he truly does have good camoflage with his coat when the grass is brown.

Especially when he gets the zoomies!!!

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marley said...

We is opin that Spring is comin for you soon my pals. We got a bit of it ere now