Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vet Visit

Last night I noticed a crustiness on Zack's right cheek. After I clipped a bit of hair away with the scissors I still couldn't make out what it was and didn't want to pick at it not knowing if it was a wound or whatever. On the weekend Zack played non-stop with our friend's schnauzer puppy and I wondered whether the puppy's baby needle teeth may have punctured Zack in play so I was concerned an abcess was brewing or something so off we went to the vet this morning to get it checked out.

After a quick buzz with the clippers it was revealed there was no puncture wounds or abcess (thank god), but Zack has a really bad "hot spot", poor boy. I felt awful I didn't see it before but under the thick fur I couldn't tell.

I was surprised he has a hot spot as I haven't seem him scratching there but now the air can get to it hopefully it will dry up and heal.

I hope it is just a one off and not the start of any allergies or something that I know alot of terriers can suffer with. I have kept Zack on Omega Pro 3 supplement for the past year to help his skin and coat, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Zack was sent home with antibiotics for a week and I am to use polysporin and keep the area clean.

Hopefully he won't have to wear the dreaded E-Collar, but if he starts to scratch now the hair has been clipped and it is more exposed, then we may have to resort to wearing one for his own sake until his hot spot heals. Finger crossed it won't come to that.

Luckily Zack's vet is my friend so I know he is in good hands.


onecollie said...

ouch!, that looks sore, poor Zack !, hope it heals soon :))

marley said...

I did never ear of ot spots before....however, I is expert on wearin da cone so you can ask me for the advice if you need it

BODIE & GOO said...

Poor boy, some of our border collie friends have had hot spots , those drugs should do the trick. His coat thickness looks about midway between Bodies excellent, and Magoos less than excellent coat. Did the vet say what starts these off?

WigglyZack said...

Not yet, but the word allergies did come up and I hope it's not that. He has no fleas or anything like that so it is a mystery. He wasn't even scratching that I saw and I keep a pretty good eye on him. Now he is clipped tho and it is exposed Zack is scratching alot more as now it is drying up it must be itchy.