Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Girls"

Zack couldn't believe his luck this morning as "the girls" came over to visit and go for a walk.  It hasn't been a week since he left Zoey the Shih Tzu at her house after his stay there while we were on vacation but absence must make the heart grow fonder as they were so happy to be reunited.   Zoey was chasing Zacky around the garden - it was so cute to see how far she has come since Liz adopted her - she has definitely come out of her shell which is great to see.

Zack just loves her and always gives her kisses.    I think the feeling is mutual.

My friend Liz was now dogsitting another little dog, Sophie the papillon and she came along for the walk too.   She was not too sure about Zack in the beginning as he was  "in her face" at first - being the typical over exuberant Zacky that he is

but she soon realized she had nothing to worry about.    After our walk we let the dogs in the back garden again and I had to laugh the way Zack was sitting on the back steps like a little person - just plunked his bum down - hilarious.   Aren't Sophie's ears amazing?   I can see why they call them butterfly dogs  

Here is a picture of Zack and "the girls".  

What a great little trio.


BODIE said...

Zack, two gorgeous girlfriends, youre a lucky guy.

Molly The Wally said...

Oh Zack you look so good with your girlfriends. Have a lovely Monday.
Best wishes Molly