Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back from Vacation

What a great week we had in Nova Scotia in the Maritimes.   I loved the fresh sea air and just relaxing.

We had a great time visiting Pete's friends and family and doing a bit of touring in between.   

I even got to do some horseback riding on my favourite breed of horse a Fjord Pony as Pete's friend had two.  Cookie and Spice.

Pete's sister had two dogs,  little Hayley here the 5 month old lab pup, she was so calm for a lab pup and came pretty much everywhere with us.   Walks along the beach at dusk was amazing.

We then went and stayed at a 120 year old farm house for a day and saw how it was to live on a farm.  

It was in the beautiful countryside and had working oxen - who were really friendly.

There were lots of woods all around and Pete's sister's other little dog Dallas tagged along too.   She is so cute and Zack would have loved playing with her.

Zack did great at my friend Liz where he was staying - I guess he didn't get into too much trouble as Liz didn't want him to go home and shed a tear or two :).   It's good to be home though and get back to normal.

Good news - when we got back there was a message that Zack's best buddy is "good to go" and can play and walk with other dogs again.  Her injury is all better.   6 pm tonight Zack and Paisley the Poodle will meet again.....


Molly The Wally said...

Have a terrific Thursday Zack and nice pix.
Best wishes Molly

marley said...

Glad you enjoyed da olidays my pals.....welcome home.