Saturday, October 20, 2012

11.48 km

As planned Zacky and I went for our long walk around the coulees and river bottom this morning.   I was trying a new route but didn't know for sure how long it was going to be but thought we would try it anyway.  Zack was raring to go once we hit the trails and we met up with my friends, Carla and David and Carla's poodle Monty.   

Once Zack was off the lead he was just a blur in the grass running zoomies around us.  

Luckily Monty being big and black stands out like a sore thumb in the fall colours

 so wherever Monty was Zack wasn't too far behind and the dogs had a blast.  It was great to see them running around.    I never get tired of watching dogs run and play - there is just something about it when you know they are enjoying their freedom.

We stopped to get a picture of the dogs together as it's hard to fit both of them in the same frame when they are moving about (or my lack of photography skills that is :)    Awwww Monty and Zack

Luckily the wind wasn't too too terrible but we did have a bit of a blustery shower of snow pellets which turned things pretty chilly for a few minutes but  once we got down to the bottom of the river valley the sun came out again and it wasn't too bad and more sheltered.   I think Zack was loving all the new smells and new routes we took through the trees to get to the next trail.

Finally we made the last 3 km back across the river and back up the big "bull trail" up the coulee back to the car.   I was wishing Zack was a husky by this point and wished he could have just pulled me up that god awful hill but "no"  :)   I huffed and puffed and made our way up.  It is always a good workout up that bull trail.    Once we got away from the road and up bull trail hill I let Zack off his lead again for  one last romp before getting back to the car, me thinking he was tired,  he still had a burst of energy enough to run around and sneak a poop for a quick snack little bugger!! LOL

Back at the car, dragging a bit of leaves and dirt in with him, I think Zack had had enough and was ready for a snooze.  Bless.

It was a great walk and nice to try a different route for a change.   Thanks Carla, Monty and David for joining Zacky and me it makes the walk seem quicker than when walking on your own and I know Zack enjoyed being with Monty.   The walk ended up being 11.48 km which isn't too bad especially when you throw in a few hills up and down, but I think I am going to join Zacky now for a nap :)


Paws on the Run said...

Glad you had a good time on your new route. It isn't your lack of photo skills that makes getting two dogs to look good in an action picture - it's hard to do!

Molly The Wally said...

Zack looked like he had a great time. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

onecollie said...

that looks like a good walking area! nice to see Monty out & about with you guys too !

marley said...

That looked like fun Zack....but i fink mum needs more trainin sesshuns before she is up to terrier standards....