Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great Birthday Gifts

Deuce arrived  last Friday on Zack's birthday and he has been truly happy.   We have him til this Friday when he then goes to his grandmas house for the rest of his vacation.   He is so easy to look after and no trouble and I just love him like my own :)

Fat Cat though has taken over Deuce's mat but poor Deuce is too scared of Fat Cat to do anything about it and she knows it.   LOL.    Once in a blue moon there is the odd cuffuffle between them when Asia puffs up like a giant hairy balloon which is terrifying for Deuce in and of itself but it is soon over and peace is restored.  

Out in the garden it is a constant battle of whose wubba kong is whose and they are either playing tug of war or charging round the garden after each other's wubba kong - even though they have one each in their mouths as they go.  What the other has the other wants.

This is Zack's new collar that I got him for his birthday

which is reflective for our walks in the dark

Cool eh?


Molly The Wally said...

We bet Zack will miss Deuce when he goes. Laughing that fat cat rules. BOL Have a lovely Teusday.
Best wishes Molly

BODIE said...

Thats the best kinda birthday, one where a pal comes over to run ragged. Hey don't give mum any ideas, we don't have a collar like that but shes eyein it up. Oh oh.

marley said...

I think Lola would be a great pal for you Zack....she likes to run about wiv toys too. Just let me kno...