Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh No Not Again

It's been since last February since Zack has had a bout with his belly issues and it seems very coincidental or unfortunate that since starting back at Rally practice and giving him ground chicken  as a reward for his training (which his belly coped with before) it seems to have set him off on a bad spell again.   It is such a shame and a bit frustrating as I think we both were enjoying getting back to it and I thought Zack was doing so well.   I even had the next trial planned down the road.   

I can't think of any other reward that would "entice" Zack enough to keep his interest in training as he is challenging in that respect.   I can try his special canned food I guess but I am concerned even too much of that is not a good thing for him.   He still is "not himself" today but I think he is on the road to recovery.    Early mornings are the worst and  we are giving him supportive medicine to help him through and he is eating a little better now albeit not as much as before.  

I feel a bit guilty if it was me giving him that chicken that brought it on but he had been so good for so long I thought it was all behind us.  How stupid was I.    Anyways, I guess we have to move forward and get him back to his old self and just have Zack enjoy his life, his walks, and his four legged buddies.


manymuddypaws said...

have you ever tried giving him yogurt? i wonder if he could handle that, then you could use that as a treat too (you'd have to freeze it..)

i give my dogs yogurt a fair amount- even my sensitive tummy dog.

With your canned food you could always make it into a treat- so it would spread farther. Mix it with some flour and bake it. Cut it into squares (like brownies). A friend of mine did that before because of her dogs allergies..

onecollie said...

or pumpkin? some dogs can't tolerate dairy

marley said...

Good luck my meddysin haz put me off my food this week so I simpaffize