Thursday, September 5, 2013

Early Fall Clean Up

Zacky was looking somewhat bored so as I am on holidays from work this week I got an idea....

after looking how scruffy Zack was looking I thought it was time

for this - bath mat on the table time for Zacky - he actually doesn't mind having his coat stripped at all and was quite interested in all my "tools" and knew what was coming

 1.5 hours later and he looks like this....

most of the grey is gone and he looks like a young pup again don't ya Zacky :)

Didn't want to leave Molly out so she got a bath and groom out.    I have to be so gentle with her whenever I do anything as she soon reverts back to being very nervous and shy at new things.   She seemed to enjoy the groom the tub not so much tho but we are working on it.   I think I got just as wet as she did.

A wet Molly meant just another game to Zack - with her tearing around in the garden and shaking - Zack would literally stalk her like she was prey and then pounce (in a good way) -  he is weird sometimes and always makes me laugh.


onecollie said...

Zack looks awesome, you do such a nice job!

BODIE said...

Looks like its been a week for tidyups eh Zack. You look real smooth ma man!!