Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dog Day 2 - Somewhere Different

Every day I try to take the dogs on a different route for their walk but it is always a nice change to go "out of town" somewhere different.   On Saturday we took them for a walk along one of the many irrigation canal dirt roads  - mostly for Zacky so he can have some off leash time and put all his terrierness to work.   He loved every minute of it.

He trotted along the road, sniffed every crack, hole, weed, grass, dead thing, shit, you name it he was there ahahah

He led us down the long and winding road

to the spillway

Molly got right into the action too and sniffed out lots of holes for critters  along the way .... Zack will turn her into a border terrier yet.....

Then again may be not LOL

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marley said...

Looks like a fun day owt my always good to be doin sum sniffin an wotnot