Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great Visit

Duece came for a visit on Zack's birthday.  We haven't seen Deucy Doo since May so Zack couldn't have got a better surprise gift.  

He was so happy to have his ol pal back for the morning

It was Molly's first take of Deuce and she was just fine.   She checked him all over and then teased him something awful running up and taking off, running circles like a mad thing - Deuce thought it was the best game.   He was really good with her.   Molly is surprisingly brave when it comes to dogs.

The three of them were so cute together.

Before heading out for our walk Zack just had to hang out with Deuce whereever he was....bless him

We couldn't have had a better weather for Zack's Birthday walk.   It was just perfect.   He and Deuce just loved the off leash and all the smells...

Had a good romp together.

Deuce watched on

while Zack would run like a mad thing through the long grass leaping like a kangaroo so he could see where Deucy was.   They were keeping an eye on each other that's for sure.

Deuce is nearly 13 so before you know it we have been 5km (Zack many more ahahah) and it was time to go home.  Molly pulled up the rear and we headed back to the car.

I think Zack had a good birthday......and he deserved it 

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marley said...

Iz also a treet for us to see Doose my pal...he is a best pal to terriers dat fur sure...