Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last night was agility. I can't believe Zack and I have only one more class is in this set of agility lessons. Time has gone by so fast. It was a night of "take offs" and "superglue" in class.

Tucker the Bernese Mountain Dog and Monty the Australian Shepherd decided it was more fun to chase each other round the field - it's amazing how fast that Tucker could run - he was having a blast. As Zack and I were doing the tunnel Zack took off and ran to a Siberian Husky that was out in the run to show him what for (there is a Boarding Kennel attached to our practice area) - LOL. He came back just fine tho and we continued on with the tunnel.

Zack found the superglue again last night and his nose was affixed to every blade of grass in the field. His attention span was less than perfect but he was having fun and so was I. I couldn't help but giggle at him. He knows there are "little" morsels of treat hidden in the grass (that people must have dropped during training) and he was damn sure he was going to find them - which he did some of the time LOL.

We practiced the tunnel, teeter, front crosses and some jump work. It was lots of fun. As there is only one more class I am sure there will be further classes so we can continue to finish learning all of the equipment and gain further experience on the equipment we have started. We shall see.

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