Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grasshoppers,Hawks and Hay, Oh My!!!

20 years ago I used to live in Stirling, a small village 1/2 hour to the south of Lethbridge so Pete and I thought we would take Zack for a walk along the irrigation canal out there where I used to ride my horse. Sadly when we got there the road was now barely visible and poor Zack disappeared in the long grass and bush and we couldn't see where our feet were either so we had to double back.

Instead we crossed the field back towards the village. The sweet smell of fresh cut hay was all around and there were lots of new smells for Zack to check out. He was here there and everywhere although I think the freshly cut stubble was a bit prickly on his poor little feet.

There were a pair of hawks swooping down and screeching by and we stopped to watch them for a minute or two. It was a pretty awesome sight but very hard to get a good picture.

Zack had to show us his great impersination skills again - I swear he must have been a pointer in his previous life - he is so funny.

Everything in Stirling seems to have changed since I lived there. The railroad is now abandoned too and starting to get overgrown but Zack didn't care - it was a great place to try and catch those pesky grasshoppers which seemed to be everywhere. Blimy, I am serious, it was an invasion.

We decided to take the gravel road back to the vehicle as there is virtually no traffic where we were.

Once we got back to the lane where we had parked the sun was going down and the grasshoppers were shining everywhere as they leapt about.

It was a great 2 hour evening walk and I reminisced about the time I lived out there and the places I went with my horse. I think Zack may have enjoyed it just a little too.


onecollie said...

great pictures, love the hawk!
I wouldn't have lasted very long as I really really hate grasshoppers!!! ewwwww!!!!

marley said...

Hey that looks like a great place to visit on a sunny day Zack. You gotta tell me how to catch dem grosshoppers