Friday, September 10, 2010

Terrier vs. Towel

This week I have been on holidays so have been spending more time with Zack which has been great. Even though it has been cool and wet we have been going for our usual daily walks. Yesterday it was pouring rain but we went out for an hour anyway. Once we got back I got the "towel" out to dry Zack off and wipe his feet like I usually do when he snatched the "towel" from my hand and took off - full pelt zoomies, growling and shaking the towel as he went crazy round the house. He wiped out on the laminate trying to manoeuvre a corner - which was the towel's fault in Zack's eyes so he gave it another killing shake - he was off again tho - up the stairs - oh great carpet - towel in tow he was zooming round the upstairs bouncing off the bed, down and up back and forth, every so often giving the towel another shake and growling. The funniest part was when he accidentally trod on the towel in mid-run and took a tumble - it was hilarious - towels fault again in Zack's eyes, shake shake shake. Zack then spotted Fat Cat and pounced on her with the towel bunched in his mouth, she woke up from her sleep, he hastened to growl and shake the towel right in her face as if to say "look what I got" and then he took off again. Fat Cat was not amused.

All of this happened so fast I didn't get any photos I am afraid. After all that running about Zack finally realized he had killed the towel and it was time for a nap in front of the fireplace. I did take a picture of him then.
I swear there is not a day goes by where Zack doesn't have me in stitches laughing. Even though he gets up to mischief sometimes he is one funny dog.

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