Thursday, September 30, 2010

Relaxing Walk... NOT

On Zack's birthday Zack and I walked to the park near my house so I could let him off the lead and have a run. It was not an uneventful walk that evening......


Once we got to the park I started throwing Zack's chuck it ball and he was retrieving it like a yo-yo back and forth having lots of fun. I threw the ball again and Zack ran after it full pelt but this time he tripped and was immediately airborne proceeding into a triple flip before he hit the ground and rolled along the grass just like his chuck it ball. I gasped and cringed and thought OMG he's gonna be hurt. My heart was racing as I ran over there, but up he got up, shook himself off and carried on as though nothing had happened. I swear if he was in the Olympics he would have won a gold medal for that gymnastic routine!!! LOL. He sure is a tough little bugger.

We then continued on our walk round the park minding our own business when....


Out from nowhere ran 4 (yes 4) little dogs (Maltese or giant Yorkie crosses I reckon) running circles and barking at us. Zack couldn't contain himself and took off over there to join in the fun. He was chasing the little dogs all over the place and vice versa. No matter how hard I tried he totally brushed me off and ignored my recall... little Sh**!! Then suddenly all five dogs disappeared one after another through a hedge into the one and only yard that backed onto the park that did not have a fence. I was a little frantic by this point as I lost sight of Zack and I started to run over to the yard calling him all the time, but I needn't have worried as within a split second Zack burst back out of the hedge towards me with a big black lab in hot pursuit!!! What just happened was kinda funny just like a cartoon but I didn't think so at the time.

Note to Zack: The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the hedge.
Note to self: Practice those bloody recalls!!!!

I was a little frazzled after all that so I put Zack back on his extendilead and started my way back home when....


I heard a yip and before I realized what had happened Zack had gone through a whole bunch of smashed glass that was laying on the sidewalk. I quickly look at his feet and luckily I couldn't find any cuts or bleeding anywhere in his paws. Thank god.

Crikey, could anything else happen on our "relaxing" walk. Luckily it didn't and we got home safely. After all that running about, Zack had his supper and was out cold for the rest of the evening. I think he enjoyed his birthday walk much more than I did!!


Hailey said...

zack certainly had an eventful walk! Gotta admit it really was hilarious to picture the 5 dogs going thru the hedge then out came Zack and a lab! Hilarious!!! Happy B'day (belated) Zack!!!

Hugs & smoochies!XOXO

marley said...

Oh deer. Wot a eventful walkies. I did fallin over too on my lastw alk. I was runnin very hard and dint see some mud comin and slipped and fell and slided a couple of yeards on my chin with my legs stuck under my body. I grazed my shin but I dint mind.