Monday, June 6, 2011

Agility Update

After two weeks of rain delay we had Zack's make up agility class on Saturday evening. Everything was great except my thigh injury resurfaced after class. Alot of pain and I am back to being gimpy. Damn. I hate not being able to do my usual stuff it is so frustrating. Our next class is not until June 16th so hopefully by then I will be better but we shall see how my leg is before I run Zack again. I also signed up for a 1/2 day seminar too later in June so hope I will be ok to run Zack then. Sigh. I may have to have my husband run him for me if I am not up to it.

On the up side class was lots of fun and it was good to get back to it. We started on weave poles for the first time at the very beginning with just two poles, just having Zack getting used to going through them at this point. He did that very well. I can at least practice that at home without hurting my leg. We did lots of target work and Zack seemed much better this time and drove to his target a little better. Still needs some work for sure tho on the target and I will practice that at home too.

We ran some jump and tunnel sequences and Zack was both really good and really bad. When I get his attention he is really good and he took the sequence well but then he loses focus and sometimes takes off and goes to visit the dogs from the boarding kennels attached to our practice area and then totally ignores my recall. A bit frustrating but having a terrier is a challenge and I am up for it LOL!!!

It was an awesome class tho and Zack and I are having fun and that's all that matters anyway.

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marley said...

Pssst, Zack. You gonna have to bite the bullet and let mum kno you are in charge. I think she finks she gonna be able to tell you wot to do.