Thursday, June 2, 2011


Zack is very lackadaisical when it comes to eating, he seems to look at his food and continually be surprised that it is there. Sometimes it is like he forgets he is supposed to be eating and has to continually remind himself what to do. I wished he realized it is not rocket science LOL. He is so weird.

I used to worry when he was younger that he was sick but now realize it is just the way he is when it comes to food. Not motivated by it at all. I must admit it still bothers me but as long as he eats the next meal or the next day I don't panic any more.

I know it is wrong but I wish I could leave Zack's food down all day so he can pick at it (I think that is what he is - a picker) but I can't because Fat Cat is the opposite end of the spectrum and she would woof down all of Zack's food (dog food/cat food/any food) in just a couple of minutes - like a little pig!!!!

Crikey, if only my mind set was in the same zone as Zack's that would solve alot of my "food" problems. I am afraid I am more like Fat Cat. LOL.

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onecollie said...

I can relate, that is the way Tate eats, now I put his food downstairs as Kort won't go down there, that way Tate can pick at it & it eat when he likes :)