Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Day in my Life - Part II

June 17th - cont..

12:31pm Weeeeeeerrrrrrr off, riding along in an automobile la la la la la la la la

12:50pm - We arrive at my favourite place.

This is me inside the building aren't I cute

First thing, must catch up on the all the latest gossip from inside the playhouse

Her, really, she never

OMG the devil dog!!!!

Outside I reckon for some serious play time

ooohh crikey

uh oh he's got me again

After running around all afternoon I starts to get sleepy.

Mum and dad comes to pick me up at 5pm. Last week they found out a little secret about me as one of the daycare girls spilled the beans about my reputation here, my nickname now is "Mr. Humpy"!! Well what can I say, even tho me wotsits were taken off when I was just a wee lad, you can't blame a dog for trying eh.

5:30pm Arrive home and it's dinner time. Should I eat should I not eat? oh what the hell.

Quick pee and poop and then this............out cold doing some serious chillaxin..

Hope you enjoyed hearing about a day in my life. Until next time.

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marley said...

Doggy daycare looks like fun. I gotta get me some of that