Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crikey, I'm a slacker!!!

Crikey, it's been over a week since I blogged that must be a new record for me. Not much has been happening, although Zack, Pete and I went to Montana for a few days to stay with my sister. There were new additions to her garden - squirrels!!!! Oh boy, Zack was fascinated - I swear they would sit up in the tree about 10 ft and chatter to him just teasing him something awful, then it would just scarper sending Zack in a frenzy. I can see why there is "war" between dogs and squirrels. I had to keep Zack leashed as my sister has no fence and I know he would be "up the tree" or "down the street" chasing after those bushy tailed little buggers (albeit they are so cute and I love them). On a sad note, one died in the horse trough Monday morning - poor thing.

We took Zack for a lovely walk along the Swan River and then later that day friends of my sisters brought their dogs over, two Goldens and an Australian Cattle Dog. They all played together for ages. Poor Zack had to sleep for two days to get any energy back!! Talk about recuperation from vacation - he needed it!!! LOL

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marley said...

Ello for you Zack. I ope you enjoyed your break. I am still on my bloggin break but you can see rare sightin of me here today