Friday, September 16, 2011

Decision Made

These last few days I have been thinking about what to do about Zack and his agility classes. Our last class was last week and I decided not to sign up for new ones because after a lot of thought I just realized that both Zack and I were just not enjoying it. Zack had some great moments but only for short periods and then he would rather ignore me, sniff the ground or hunt for grasshoppers. I have struggled to motivate him these last couple of years in my agility classes and feel I have not really progressed no matter how much I practice with the motivation at home. New toys are great initially but the excitement would soon wear off. I wish I could use wieners, rollover, all those tasty treats as Zack would definitely keep his attention then but I can't because Zack's belly has been bad on and off and I don't dare try anything new - it's not worth it. His health is more important. Anyways, I feel like I failed and I have said I didn't want to quit to my instructors but I think it is best for now. My instructors have been great throughout the learning process and I think I developed a stronger bond with Zack along the way which is great.

On a different note, Zack and I have an evaluation for him to become a Certified Pet Therapy Dog on October 15th. May be that is his calling. I know he loves people and visiting so it should be a great thing to follow up with. I am excited about this prospect.

For now, Zacky will enjoy long walks, playing with his buddies and chillaxin on the couch with fat cat.


Bodie said...

thats cool - as long as the boy is a happy dog. We gave up Obedience cos Bodes was so not enjoying it, and some of the peeps were stressing me out and all. We are about to start Agility but truly - he is so laid back I think it could go the same way, will keep you posted. Bodie has been a Pet Therapy Dog, absolutely loves it lets face it - BTs are cuddle monkeys. Watch out for the cakes that the oldies try to smuggle them, doesn't do any good for the waste line...... If agilitee goes West, we might learn the violin next year, watch this space!!!

WigglyZack said...

Have fun with agility lessons - see how Bodie goes- you never know he might surprise you and be brilliant at it. I may try again in a year or two - or just let Zacky jump the jumps I have at home every once in a while. I think the pet therapy will be great as I have never seen Zack get bored of meeting people and getting lots of cuddles.

Anonymous said...

you didn't fail Lisa. Agility is not for everyone- and you know him best. Good for you for making the decision with his best interest in mind! I think that the Therapy dog stuff might be more fun for the both of you! You can always come back to agility later on once you have a better idea about his tummy troubles!


marley said...

A wise move Zack my pal. Cuddlin is more fun than jumpin. I tested it out more than once. Woof