Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Computer and Stuff

We finally bought our new IMAC computer last night so may not be blogging for a few days while we get everything set up and transferred over. I cannot wait. Hopefully it will be easy to figure out how to use especially for organizing my photos etc. I will input the wonderful photos we had taken of Zack with Wendy at Paws-on-the-Run Photography and will be posting some for suRe in the next few days.

On a different topic I have been torn these last few days about a little border terrier that has come into rescue in Lethbridge. It has made me feel awful that I am not taking him in as I do call myself an animal lover and would do anything for them. However I know if I fostered the little dog I would end up keeping him. My 85 yr old father who lives with us makes the decision of a second dog harder no matter how much I want one. We have looked after Dylan and Deuce before but those two dogs were very laid back and my dad was never left alone with them so to have two dogs running round when both Pete and I are away may be just too much. It is very upsetting and just the wrong time in our lives. I sure hope the little dog finds a home quickly as it is killing me thinking about him.

There are so many dogs in rescue it is sickening and I do not know how people can just dispose of them or abuse them so easily. I know if I won the lottery and did not have to make a living I would dedicate my life to help out these forgotten souls who need a voice and someone to "give a dam" about them.


Mandy said...

I say foster the little guy, maybe he'll grow on your dad and things will work out.

After all if you had 2 you could teach them to do things like these border terriers:

marley said...

Oh very sad for that doggie but I ope he dussnt be in recuse for too long and sumone do find room for him. Is no use you worryin yourself cos if it do not be the right fing for you then it do not be the right fing the doggie either and he is better waitin for the right pawson to come along.

Paws on the Run said...

Have fun with the new computer!!! I love my Mac.

Don't beat yourself up about the rescue dog. Fostering isn't an easy thing to do on many levels or more of us would be doing it!