Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's now our turn to start holidays and we are leaving tomorrow to fly back east to Nova Scotia for a weeks stay with Pete's family.   Sooooo looking forward to it.

Zack is going to stay with my friend Liz and her little dog Zoey the shih tzu.   They get along great so I am hoping Zack isn't too rambunctious and behaves himself as this will be his first stay there.   Liz works at the vet clinic where I take Zack so I know he is in good hands.

He should have a good week while we are away as we have him booked in for doggy daycare every afternoon next week as well  so hopefully he will be a little more tired by the time he goes home to Liz for the evening.    I am sure he will have fun no matter what.

Til next time....


Molly The Wally said...

Have a fabulous Friday and a great week away. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.
Best wishes Molly

marley said...

Haz a great oliday all da familee. Woof

BordoggyTerrier said...

Hi there my friend Zacky - we have so loved reading about your adventures, but in short, are leaving our little blue blog behind, due to the usual (boring I know!) constraints on time, we are all on with Daddy2Legs, the kids, work, school and life in general.....I am 'alive' on You Tube hoping to do what we always intended, putting some of our walks to pictures, we stumbled upon blogger by accident, and had a lot of fun too! We will be in contact on occasion, lots of love, Bordoggy Barnie (