Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eureka,We've Found It

Goodbye Nylabones... Hello Antlers.   We thought we would try the natural route of a deer antler for Zack to chew on and so far so good with his belly.... no problems at all.  Yay.   Zack was all too keen to get stuck in

albeit confused at first cuz there was no plastic LOL

but it didn't take long for him to catch on and develop a giant elephant tusk!!!!!

I don't know whether it was the smell or what but Fat Cat wanted in on the action 

trying to worm her way in for a bit of antler

but I think she realized it was a no go 

cuz she doesn't have any toofems left!!!!

Poor girly, wanna a gummie Fat Cat... Baaahhhhhaaaaaa


Paws on the Run said...

Glad he likes the antlers! Mine only like the ones that have been cut open - they can get to the innards better that way. I LOL'd at poor Fat Cat!

Tegan said...

I keep meaning to try these antlers. They're not common, here in Australia, but they can be imported.

BODIE said...

Wow Zack looks like hours of noms and hours of quiet times for your hoomans in those antlers.

marley said...

They is all the rage this year my pal....we got one but I left it in the garden and the foxes peemailed it so now I dussnt even look at it. Must ask for a new one for Xmas.