Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter Stay Away

This past fews days we have been making the most of the nice weather - the snow is almost all gone and other than the wind it has been great for taking Zack out across the fields.   No snakes now so it is awesome.

It can be a challenge to see Zack on occasion as his coat and the fall colours blend in so well but  his leaping like a kangeroo through the tall grass gives him away every time.

I can see ya Zacky

We took the ball on some of his walks and laughed so hard - he is so uncoordinated at times but loves to chase it over and over.  

The clocks went back this past weekend so we walked last night  in the dark after work, not so much fun walking round the roads.     I reckon it is time to get my headlamp out  and Zack's collar light on so we can see where we are walking more clearly.    It's also supposed to snow again later this week and get into the minus double digits so quite cold.   I dread it.   It will be time for Zack's winter woolies and boots - poor boy.

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marley said...

Enjoy it while you can my pals. Alternatively, there is always the warm indoors.....zzzz