Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Stroll

After a few days of no exercise Zack was sooooo happy to get out and go for a short walk on Sunday in the park even if it was -11 degrees with a cold windchill on top of that

but he got to meet up with his friend Zoey

and they were so cute together trotting along the path

 there was a bit of frolicking along the way

I don't think Zoey was too impressed with their being snow on the bench LOL

Zoey comes to stay for a first visit on Friday night and Saturday while her family is away - looking forward to having her :)

1 comment:

marley said...

Brrrrr....too cold for me Zack. I did posty a link to this blog on twitter cos we ave 290 members of the BT gang there now so I fort I mite send em your way. Lets me know if you see any more traffics...