Saturday, November 10, 2012

Relief and Snow

I think we have dodged another bullet with Zack as he seems to have come through eating the plastic ok after a couple of worrying days there when he was very sick.   It took a while but you have no idea how happy I was to see a dog poop LOL!!!  No blockage.  Yay.   No surgery or anything so as you can imagine we are very relieved.   He is still on restricted exercise for a couple more days just to be on the safe side but it doesn't mean he can't have fun in the back garden.   

We had a big winter snowstorm this week with lots of snow and it was - 16 this morning.   

Zack's face says it all BBRRRRRRRRR, but we had him bundled up in his monkey sweater so he could be out for a few minutes.

He was happy to walk round the garden for a bit of fresh air

and then wanted me to throw Mr. Weasel

The deep snow made it hard going

and Zacky iced up pretty good

but I think he enjoyed being outside for a bit.    If he was out any longer I would have had to put his boots on.  Next week if it doesn't warm up any we will have to pull out the boots for our walks so Zack's feet don't freeze.

Now it's time to go back inside for some well earned warmth and snooze on the couch with Fat Cat.


BODIE said...

Look at the ears on that monkey sweater LOL. Glad to hear Zackys BT cast iron insides kicked in this time.

marley said...

Nice jumper my chum. I ope the snow dont get too cold for you. We is still warm an Autumny here....