Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Very Worried

Zack had just gotten over a bout with his usual belly issues and he was back to normal and doing well.   Then at  3 a.m. this morning I was woken up by his loud belly noises and him just laying there not sleeping - I thought here we go again and I went downstairs and got his meds and gave him some.    He seemed to go back to sleep but by 7 a.m he was vomiting and to my horror he puked up some chewed up plastic!!!

I know Zack didn't eat anything on our walk yesterday and I asked my dad if he saw Zack get anything in the garden in the afternoon.   My dad said he did see Zack round the corner at the patio furniture (my dad is 86).   There it was the screw to the umbrella stand had been chewed.   The little pieces in the photo are some of the bits he has thrown up (sorry).

As you can imagine I was beside myself and the vet said now to just give him some time.   The problem is plastic doesn't show up very well on Xray.    I have been feeding him boiled rice and his canned food a little at a time and he wants to eat - which is a good sign.   Later this morning he did poop and there was some bits of plastic in that as well.   I thought that's good it is moving through hopefully.    Zack is definitely not himself tho and he laid around all day and I thought ok he is just sleeping it off until 1/2 hour ago when he vomited his rice up.

He has since perked up now he has been sick but I am still very worried and the next couple of days is a waiting game and I just hope and pray that he doesn't have to have surgery for a blockage or have any damage to his intestines from the plastic.  

Why do dogs do this.... I wish they understood what the repercussions could be.   


BODIE said...

It looks like you chewed those bits up nice n small Zack so looks like they'll all come out in the wash. Thinkin of you while you get rid of the rest of the rubbish. Stick to foodables next time buddy.

marley said...

Well, I is not one to comment on these fings after the dinosore incident but I do just send wuzzes for you all and tell you we haz our paws crossed for you.

Constance said...

Oh dear, poor Zacky. Keep us posted.