Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bark in the Park

Last weekend our local rescue Windy City Canine Rescue put on their annual Bark in the Park to raise funds for the rescue.   It was a perfect day weather wise and there was such a good turn out which was great

Zack was alert to all the goings on

There was a Pooch a Smooch booth which was really cute.   Zack has lots of experience sticking his tongue down other dog's throats  so I thought we would give it a miss and not traumatize the poor little chihuahua

There were raffle tables and other vendors which were great to browse through.  Little Molly handled the crowd and all the dogs well.

We sat in the shade and watch some dogs do agility and other demos.  

A 5 month old flat coat pup named Cosmo came over and Zack just couldn't resist

It wasn't long before this was going on and Zack got to have a play

Lastly we visited with my good friends Carla (Zack's vet on the left) and Liz (vet tech/Zacky's keeper when we go on holidays) who had a booth there promoting the Northside Vet Clinic (and Park Pet Hospital).  

It was a great day and more experience for little Molly.

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