Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Wheels?

If you know me you know I love to ride my bike.   Zacky hates when I leave on my bike and goes balistic barking and screaming at the window as I leave.   If he is in the garden when I come out the garage he wants to get at the bike for sure.     I wasn't sure if he hates my bike or the fact that it takes me away from him.    As a younger dog I did try have him run beside me and he was good but I couldn't go the distance or speed I wanted to with him so I stopped.   I have since toyed with the idea about getting a doggy trailer so when I go for my bike ride he (and Molly now) could come along too.

But because of the cost I didn't want to get one without knowing if Zack would like it or not considering he hates my bike (or whatever it is).   Constance, Paisley the Poodle's mum, let me borrow her trailer to see how Zack is and so far so good.     Zacky sits there like a King enjoying every minute.   Yay.   Molly is more curious but sits there as well.    Here are a few photos.

I am now looking for one of my own to purchase, there are a few to choose from and they are not cheap so I will have to save for a bit, but I think it will be worth every penny in the long run.  They are so cute together in the trailer and I can't wait to make this another thing I can do with the dogs.


onecollie said...

omg! that is so so cute!!!!

BODIE said...

I have thought of it but I wouldn't think my two would stay in it especially if they saw a cat. Or do you close the hatch once you get moving