Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a Great Day

Yesterday we went to Police Lake for a day of fishing.   The night before there was a terrible storm and the clouds Saturday morning looked ominous but we went anyway and o boy I am glad we did.   The sky cleared once we got there and it was a perfect day weather wise for the dogs, not too hot not too cold.

While Pete was unloading the car and getting the boat and fishing gear ready

I walked the dogs down to the boat launch area.    This was going to be Molly's virgin voyage on the boat so we didn't know what to expect.

She didn't seem to mind her new life vest, which she modelled very well

The lake was so calm and there was no wind which was amazing at Police Lake as we are at the foot of the mountains.    It was truly a gorgeous morning.

Once on the boat, Zack must have had good karma as Molly was a pro at the whole fishing thing.   From coming from a hoarding/puppy mill situation where I don't even want to think what conditions she lived in to being so good on the boat was just amazing.    She was cool, calm and collected just like Zacky.    It was just brilliant and we were so happy that things worked out so well.   We kept her tethered at all times tho just in case :)

Zack was doing his usual scouting the lake for muskrats, birds and any other thing that moved.

Molly followed in his footsteps.

Being a lookout is tiring work and before long

both dogs were yawning

then, yep, out cold

 The fishing was great also, we have never had such a good fishing day there and caught lots of trout, saw the bald eagles ( I will post about that tomorrow) and had a really good day.   Molly didn't get travel sick either so that was a bonus.

The only damper was on the drive home  later in the day we hit a horrendous thunderstorm.   I was terrified of a tornado as the clouds were really scary then suddenly golf ball sized hail hit while we were on the highway and all hell broke loose.   We managed to pull off the road and sit it out.   I couldn't believe the dogs were unphased by the pounding noise and hail - Zack kept on sleeping (fishing is tiring you know  LOL)  Molly looked up but then laid down again.   I was more scared than they were!!!!  We were worried the windows were going to smash in but luckily the windows were ok.   Unfortunately the rest of the vehicle was damaged by the hail and now we have to go through all the hoopla of seeing what insurance, etc. claims we have to do.   We were happy no one was hurt and the dogs were just fine but it was a bit scary.


atcoma said...

Molly is lucky to have such a great role model as Zack! I'm sure Bella would be terrified of being in a boat, she likes firm land under her feet (or just a couch to sleep on).

BODIE said...

Zack is doing a great teaching job there. Scary that you can go from calm sunshine to that sort of hail in one day. Glad you're all ok.

marley said...

Mmmmmolly sue is a cute one...*sigh*

Jassen said...

I love the life jackets for the dogs!