Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Outing

Pete and I went for a drive on Canada Day along the roads less travelled and came across some amazing sights along the way.    Of course we stopped to let the dogs out and stretch their legs but it was too hot to be out of the air conditioned car for too long.

Zack and Molly seem to be just fine together and Molly has definitely come along way in such a short time.

There were blue flowers everywhere, not sure if they are weeds or wildflowers, but I had to get a picture of Zack on this rock.

I couldn't leave Molly out so there is a picture of the two of them.   I think she thought it was quite amusing - she almost looks like she was laughing - or the sun was in her eyes LOL!!!

Off they went two by two

Zack was hunting for gophers constantly and doing his perfect pointer pose.   Molly is oblivious to the whole gopher thing - it's funny to see the differences between Zack and her.

We went down gravels roads that twisted and turned and there was expanses of green fields and blue skies.   It was beautiful with all the recent rain we had.    Although poor Molly got a bit travel sick tho on the twisty roads :( but now we know to stick mostly to the paved roads and she is just fine.

The recent floods had wash one of the bridges that crossed the Old Man River out - the guard rail was just hanging there.    It is crazy how much damage the rivers can do and scary too.

When we were passing this field we thought we saw a turkey in the field as it was so big, but then through the camera lens we realized is was a golden eagle.   What an amazing bird.   The photos are not that great as it was far away but we watched it take to the air.

back to it's family in the tree.   Crikey, nature is just brilliant.

Finally we stopped at the lake for our lunch (now 3 pm by the time we got there) and to cool off which was a great end to the day.  

Hope everyone's Canada Day was as good as ours.  


marley said...

Wooooohahah...dat Molly be quite da character my pal...she is sweet-lookin fur sure

BODIE said...

Isn't having two dogs just great! Bet they both think it is heaven. Is looking out the car window maybe making Molly carsick? Bodies an awesome traveller, crated or looking out, but he's pretty much always crated and just goes to sleep. Goo is never good crated so I now have her harnessed beside me and looking out but if she was gettting sick looking out I would try her crated below the window line.

BODIE said...

PS, the only time Bodie isn't crated is when I have forgotten to lock the crate door that opens through into the van and I find Mr "notsofleetoffoot" trying to bumble his way over the sofa into the cab of the campervan usually on the motorway where I can't do anything about it. Has only happened twice to my dismay and his obvious enjoyment. So this is where Magoo sits while I sleep down the back!!!