Sunday, July 14, 2013

So I said I'd Blog Tomorrow.....

Well it's been a week and I am only just getting round to it.... following up with our trip to Police Lake here are a few more pictures of our wonderful day

Cute Couple

Stuffed Buritto?

Captain Wiggles :)

Bald Eagles with their fledgling young trying to learn how to fly.  So cool to watch.   It is almost as big at the parents just brown all over.

Home safe and sound after the storm and lovin the antlers.  Zacky's tongue says it all.


marley said...

Ello for yo my good to see you enjoyin yore day...I do let you kno i is goin on holiday for free weeks so dont worree if you dussnt see me commentin on yore blogs...see you when we gets back

onecollie said...

Lisa the kids look so cute together! will get to meet the new one some day lol!

BODIE said...

Nom deer antlers!!!