Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dog Day Out - Part 3

I never did finish blogging about the day we took the dogs out..... but somebody's birthday came up :)

Our country walk along the irrigation canal was so great.

Zack was in his element

His favourite activity when he finds something either stinky or dead

This time it was a lower mandible of some poor animal carcass - gross for us but makes a perfect scratch my back kind of tool for Zacky....ooooh ya

Molly had her first buffet.   Even though she was on her lead Zack and her must have a plan so that when we are paying attention to him Molly gets up to mischief.   He is teaching her his poop fetish.  She had quite the smorg - sampling all sorts of poopalicious treats.... horse, deer and cow were on the menu for this little madam.

Learned in dog class  that extendileads have their downfall and by george she's right!!!

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marley said...

Iz all good werk my pals....i dussnt kno wot mm be complanin boat....keep it up...