Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here it Is....

I said I would capture it and here it is.....I just love watching them play and it is never ending nowadays which is great.  I think Zack is enjoying having a little sister.

I just love how she grab's Zack's legs to take him down.   It goes on forever it's so funny.   They then carried it over to the couch......and then you will see that Molly still has some lessons to learn LOL

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Wheels?

If you know me you know I love to ride my bike.   Zacky hates when I leave on my bike and goes balistic barking and screaming at the window as I leave.   If he is in the garden when I come out the garage he wants to get at the bike for sure.     I wasn't sure if he hates my bike or the fact that it takes me away from him.    As a younger dog I did try have him run beside me and he was good but I couldn't go the distance or speed I wanted to with him so I stopped.   I have since toyed with the idea about getting a doggy trailer so when I go for my bike ride he (and Molly now) could come along too.

But because of the cost I didn't want to get one without knowing if Zack would like it or not considering he hates my bike (or whatever it is).   Constance, Paisley the Poodle's mum, let me borrow her trailer to see how Zack is and so far so good.     Zacky sits there like a King enjoying every minute.   Yay.   Molly is more curious but sits there as well.    Here are a few photos.

I am now looking for one of my own to purchase, there are a few to choose from and they are not cheap so I will have to save for a bit, but I think it will be worth every penny in the long run.  They are so cute together in the trailer and I can't wait to make this another thing I can do with the dogs.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bark in the Park

Last weekend our local rescue Windy City Canine Rescue put on their annual Bark in the Park to raise funds for the rescue.   It was a perfect day weather wise and there was such a good turn out which was great

Zack was alert to all the goings on

There was a Pooch a Smooch booth which was really cute.   Zack has lots of experience sticking his tongue down other dog's throats  so I thought we would give it a miss and not traumatize the poor little chihuahua

There were raffle tables and other vendors which were great to browse through.  Little Molly handled the crowd and all the dogs well.

We sat in the shade and watch some dogs do agility and other demos.  

A 5 month old flat coat pup named Cosmo came over and Zack just couldn't resist

It wasn't long before this was going on and Zack got to have a play

Lastly we visited with my good friends Carla (Zack's vet on the left) and Liz (vet tech/Zacky's keeper when we go on holidays) who had a booth there promoting the Northside Vet Clinic (and Park Pet Hospital).  

It was a great day and more experience for little Molly.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Icing on the Cake

Zack has been so great since we got Molly.   There have been ups and downs and challenges of course getting a rescue dog but we have overcome most of them (we are still working on a few :) and Zack has helped Molly so much.   One reason for getting a second dog was for companionship and a playmate for Zacky.  Molly I don't think has ever had the chance to play, did not know how to play and was just dumbfounded when Zack would try and entice her by bounding round making a fool of himself.   He tried so hard poor boy but Molly didn't clue in and I had come to terms with the fact that that is ok and at least they get along really well and there were no other problems between them.

Little by little tho Zacky  didn't give up and over the last couple of weeks I have seen the spark in Molly's eye and she started to play with toys and found out how much fun it is.    Her and Zack would play tug of war.    Also there have been moments when I could tell she was thinking about playing but just didn't have the nerve.   This past week things have changed and now this morning for the past half hour Zack and Molly have been rolling round on the floor together, mouthing, pouncing on each other!!!!  It is sooooo brilliant.   Molly loves to bite Zacky's feet and drop him to the ground then Zacky grabs Molly's long mustache and drags her around.   She doesn't mind and goes back for more.    She gives as good as she gets.    I am so happy Zack has a playmate now.   How can you not want to play with Zack,  he is the podgiest, scruffiest, wiry haired best dog ever!!!

When outside and they are running round the yard, I am not sure if it is because she is white, lightning fast when she runs (like a bunny)  but Zack screams like a banchee chasing her which freaks her out a little BOL!!!   

I have no pictures yet of them playing as when it happens I didn't want to disturb them by going to get my camera but one day I will capture the joy that is now in our house.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

So I said I'd Blog Tomorrow.....

Well it's been a week and I am only just getting round to it.... following up with our trip to Police Lake here are a few more pictures of our wonderful day

Cute Couple

Stuffed Buritto?

Captain Wiggles :)

Bald Eagles with their fledgling young trying to learn how to fly.  So cool to watch.   It is almost as big at the parents just brown all over.

Home safe and sound after the storm and lovin the antlers.  Zacky's tongue says it all.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a Great Day

Yesterday we went to Police Lake for a day of fishing.   The night before there was a terrible storm and the clouds Saturday morning looked ominous but we went anyway and o boy I am glad we did.   The sky cleared once we got there and it was a perfect day weather wise for the dogs, not too hot not too cold.

While Pete was unloading the car and getting the boat and fishing gear ready

I walked the dogs down to the boat launch area.    This was going to be Molly's virgin voyage on the boat so we didn't know what to expect.

She didn't seem to mind her new life vest, which she modelled very well

The lake was so calm and there was no wind which was amazing at Police Lake as we are at the foot of the mountains.    It was truly a gorgeous morning.

Once on the boat, Zack must have had good karma as Molly was a pro at the whole fishing thing.   From coming from a hoarding/puppy mill situation where I don't even want to think what conditions she lived in to being so good on the boat was just amazing.    She was cool, calm and collected just like Zacky.    It was just brilliant and we were so happy that things worked out so well.   We kept her tethered at all times tho just in case :)

Zack was doing his usual scouting the lake for muskrats, birds and any other thing that moved.

Molly followed in his footsteps.

Being a lookout is tiring work and before long

both dogs were yawning

then, yep, out cold

 The fishing was great also, we have never had such a good fishing day there and caught lots of trout, saw the bald eagles ( I will post about that tomorrow) and had a really good day.   Molly didn't get travel sick either so that was a bonus.

The only damper was on the drive home  later in the day we hit a horrendous thunderstorm.   I was terrified of a tornado as the clouds were really scary then suddenly golf ball sized hail hit while we were on the highway and all hell broke loose.   We managed to pull off the road and sit it out.   I couldn't believe the dogs were unphased by the pounding noise and hail - Zack kept on sleeping (fishing is tiring you know  LOL)  Molly looked up but then laid down again.   I was more scared than they were!!!!  We were worried the windows were going to smash in but luckily the windows were ok.   Unfortunately the rest of the vehicle was damaged by the hail and now we have to go through all the hoopla of seeing what insurance, etc. claims we have to do.   We were happy no one was hurt and the dogs were just fine but it was a bit scary.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ooops I Did it Again :)

Zacky bootiful in blue

Molly pretty in pink

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopping Spree

Pete and I took the dogs to the pet store last weekend to get Molly a  harness and a new collar, but we couldn't leave Zacky out and ended up with quite the stash of toys, chewbones, and of course a new collar for Zacky too!!!   How could we not.     I think we may have gone overboard and have two spoiled dogs.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Outing

Pete and I went for a drive on Canada Day along the roads less travelled and came across some amazing sights along the way.    Of course we stopped to let the dogs out and stretch their legs but it was too hot to be out of the air conditioned car for too long.

Zack and Molly seem to be just fine together and Molly has definitely come along way in such a short time.

There were blue flowers everywhere, not sure if they are weeds or wildflowers, but I had to get a picture of Zack on this rock.

I couldn't leave Molly out so there is a picture of the two of them.   I think she thought it was quite amusing - she almost looks like she was laughing - or the sun was in her eyes LOL!!!

Off they went two by two

Zack was hunting for gophers constantly and doing his perfect pointer pose.   Molly is oblivious to the whole gopher thing - it's funny to see the differences between Zack and her.

We went down gravels roads that twisted and turned and there was expanses of green fields and blue skies.   It was beautiful with all the recent rain we had.    Although poor Molly got a bit travel sick tho on the twisty roads :( but now we know to stick mostly to the paved roads and she is just fine.

The recent floods had wash one of the bridges that crossed the Old Man River out - the guard rail was just hanging there.    It is crazy how much damage the rivers can do and scary too.

When we were passing this field we thought we saw a turkey in the field as it was so big, but then through the camera lens we realized is was a golden eagle.   What an amazing bird.   The photos are not that great as it was far away but we watched it take to the air.

back to it's family in the tree.   Crikey, nature is just brilliant.

Finally we stopped at the lake for our lunch (now 3 pm by the time we got there) and to cool off which was a great end to the day.  

Hope everyone's Canada Day was as good as ours.